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Ddosify Test Server API Reference

HTTP Method Type URL Description
POST http://testserverk8s.ddosify.com/account/register/ Register user with: username, email, password
POST http://testserverk8s.ddosify.com/account/login/ Login user with: username, password. You can use the JWT access token in private endpoints.
GET   http://testserverk8s.ddosify.com/account/user/ Get user detail. You must add JWT access token into header with: Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGciOiJ... You can get X-API-KEY from this endpoint.
GET   http://testserverk8s.ddosify.com/currencies/ Get available currencies. Response: ["USD", "EUR", "TRY", "BGN", "BHD",...]
GET   http://testserverk8s.ddosify.com/exchange_rate/USD/EUR/ Get the exchange rate from base to target. This endpoint shows the exchange rate from USD to EUR. Note that the currency rates are hard-coded and not real-time.
POST   http://testserverk8s.ddosify.com/exchange/ Exchange currencies. Body: { "amount": 153.5, "base": "USD", "target": "TRY" } You must add X-API-KEY to headers.